Christmas Swim 2016

Merry Christmas, hope all your costumes are ready looks like you’ve all been busy. Here is a little reminder of info for you all, the Doors to oasis will be open from 10:00am for registration of swimmers and to get changed. 10:45am judging of costumes by the Mayor and Roundtable National President (he’s going in as well), and a quick briefing to swimmers. At 10:50am we will then parade along Prom from Oasis to the ramp by the Waterside Bar down to the beach, at 11:00am the Chairman and Vice Chairman will wade out with the banner, whilst swimmers wait on the shore line. Once they are in position we will release the swimmers to enter the water. Once you come out there will be hot soup for all the swimmers provided by the Waterside Bar. Then head back to oasis to have a nice deserved shower and to get changed. Your swim certificate will be there waiting for you to collect. Good luck thanks for taking part, see you all on Christmas morning.

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