What better way to spend Christmas morning than frolicking in the sea with over a hundred other people (and many hundred spectators) dressed in a variety of bizarre and outrageous costumes! A prize of £25 for the best dressed individual and £100 for the best group will be presented prior to the swim, so give those costumes some thought!

The Christmas Swim has been going for over 60 years now and in recent times the event has seen record crowds watching and participating. This event raises much needed funds for Round Table, enabling us to support many local good causes. Why not come along and give it a go – after all it will make you feel less guilty after that huge Christmas lunch!!!

Simply print off the registration form, collect as many sponsors as you can and bring
your form with you on the day and register at the reception desk in the Oasis.
Conditions of Entry

  1. All sponsor money raised by swimmers must be remitted to Hunstanton Round Table by 31st January 2018. No money raised by individual swimmers for this event may be distributed by them on their own account.
  2. Money raised by the swim each year will be donated by Hunstanton Round Table to local charities, causes or individuals, as agreed by our committee. Swimmers, businesses, clubs or charities are not allowed to get sponsors, market, collect funds or enter the swim for themselves or their own organisation – THIS IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  3. The registration form, attached to the sponsor form must be handed to the organisers on the day of the swim, in order to qualify for a certificate.
  4. All swimmers will be required to enter the water fully to qualify for a certificate, i.e. no toe dippers! All entrants are to swim (or paddle) under the Round Table banner, and no wet/dry suits are to be worn.
  5. The fancy dress is optional, and will be judged before the swim. There will be prizes for best individual & the best themed group.
  6. Swimmers are to register on the day at Oasis Leisure Centre at 10:30am.
  7. Swimmers will be asked to parade to the sea at 11:00am.
  8. Hot soup will be available free of charge to swimmers as they come off of the beach.
  9. No responsibility will be taken for any health problems arising from the swim – swimmers are advised to consult with their local GP prior to entering the water.



Download Registration Form Here